Since its first version was released in 2005, Joomla has developed in one of the top players in the CMS world boasting a global community of developers and volunteers who are devoted in maintaining a user friendly, responsive and accessible platform for everyone.

Among the multiple functionalities offered by Joomla, content creation undeniable comes first. As with other CMS platforms, manual tagging is in the unwanted tasks lists users would prefer to skip when loading content.

With TagBee’s Joomla plugin, users can easily tag their content in an automatic way.

TagBee helps you to:

  • Save time

    Manual tagging is time-consuming.

  • Improve tagging

    Enrich your content with more relevant tags. No duplications, better taxonomy.

  • Optimize for SEO

    Use your Joomla tags to organize your content and make it more indexable, searchable and rankable.

Want to start auto-tagging your content? Download TagBee’s Joomla plugin:

Download Joomla Plugin