What is TagBee?

TagBee is the easy way to add tags to your posts.TagBee works in a simple way: it proposes tags for your content. However, under the hood, TagBee uses machine learning and natural language processing to give you the best and most personalized results!

Why use TagBee?

If you are fed up with manual tagging then TagBee can be your best friend. More free time, better taxonomy and SEO results are only some of the benefits that TagBee users enjoy. Best part, it's 100% free of charge!

Is TagBee free of charge?

At the moment TagBee is 100% free. Create your account today!

How can I use TagBee on my website?

To start using TagBee all you need is to create your account. You can then access our API or use directly one of the plugins made for the most popular CMS (Wordpress, Joomla etc).