Endpoint: /article/auto-proposals
Method: POST

Request body
Parameter Type Description
id string The identifier of the content in the TagBee App. You can always refer to the same content including that ID OPTIONAL
content.third_party_id string Your local content's ID. e.g. Your article's ID in your Wordpress Site REQUIRED
content.title string You content's title REQUIRED
content.body string You content's main body REQUIRED
content.category string You content's categories (as a comma separated string) OPTIONAL
content.meta_description string You content's meta-description OPTIONAL
content.meta_keywords string You content's meta-keywords (as a comma separated string) OPTIONAL
content.reference string You content's reference e.g. Wordpress or My custom web page OPTIONAL
content.permalink string You content's page URL e.g OPTIONAL
tags array Your content's tags. DEFAULT [ ]
tags[ ].third_party_id string Your local tag's ID. e.g. Your tag's ID in your Wordpress Site REQUIRED
tags[ ].tag array The tag's text REQUIRED
version integer TagBee's API version REQUIRED
                    "id": "8750438c-4e85-4995-9f50-3a66ceec6ff6",
                    "content": {
                        "third_party_id": "214",
                        "title": "Hello TagBee!",
                        "body": "My dummy test",
                        "category": "Politics,Fun",
                        "meta_description": "This is my first TagBee post",
                        "meta_keywords": "TagBee,First Post"
                    "version": 1,
                    "tags": [
                          "third_party_id": 387,
                          "tag": "test"
                          "third_party_id": 390,
                          "tag": "dummy text"
                    "data": {
                        "code": 200,
                        "id": "88750438c-4e85-4995-9f50-3a66ceec6ff6",
                        "tags": [
                            {"tag": "tag 1"},
                            {"tag": "tag 2"}